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Accessories express our individuality which is why each box is unique just like us. Creating beautiful, handpicked selection of Bindi Boxes, with our very popular create your own Bindi Box taking the market by storm. Our passion for what we do teamed with creativity produces vibrant & stunning collections. Following from the Bindi Box the business grew & is in high demand for our popular druzy jewellery. Recently we launched the trendiest & fast-growing collection of nose rings for pierced and non-pierced nose which is taking the market by storm. The multi pack nose ring sets give you a variety of stunning nose rings for every mood. Remember to follow our Instagram page, where you can tag us in with your new products @avasbindibox 

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Behind the Box

At Ava's Bindi Box, we’re proud of our great products and exceptional customer service. We are passionate about what we do. Creating a brand that gives you freedom to choose what you want. Connect with us on Instagram @avasbindibox and follow our journey

founder of avas bindi box


Creator & Founder

Revolutionising Bindis by creating bespoke handpicked Bindi boxes has changed the game!

Founded in Jan 2020; We give you sleeky boxes bursting full of creative designs where each pack is individually created.   

The ultimate addition to your accessories and see why customers love our brand as much as we do! 



Brand Ambassidor

Ava is the 4 year old inspiration behind the brand. Her love for fashion accessories & bindis is why we pursued Ava's Bindi Box.

Starting on Instagram, Ava fast became a viral hit collectively racking up over half a million views. This gave us amazing opportunities.

Following her feature on the BBC's Toddler Club at home, Ava has released her first book titled 'Ava goes to the Temple'  An educational & beautifully illustrated book on Ava's Day at the Gurdwara. Now available at Waterstones. 

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